I’m a dreamer who is driven by passion. Who doesn’t want to settle for anything average, who sets the bar high and will let not rest until the goal is reached.

The name of this blog comes from the expression to “walk the talk”, which means to do exactly what you said you will do, to put your words into action. And this is what this blog will be about. About dreams and how to turn them into reality, about sports, adventures, travelling.

I only decided to switch the word “walk” to “run” because of my passion for sports and also –  in more metaphorical sense  – to stress that we should not hold back and just go all in in chasing those dreams. Everyone who wants to stop talking and start doing is welcomed to this blog, as well as those, who don’t have any specified dreams yet, but feel the need to come up with some, which will propel him or her.

There are still many items on my bucket list, which I haven’t crossed off yet, due to lack of courage or enough motivation. This website is the first step to get there though, so the idea becomes reality. I won’t reveal what those goals are until they are more within reach.