White, small, slim – my inspiration

The other day I was watching Steve Nash’s Hall of Fame Enshrinement Speech. As I was listening to him, I felt the notion that he was not supposed to be there. After all, he’s just a short, skinny, white guy from Canada, who was introduced to basketball when he was 13 years old. He shouldn’t have made it. But he did, despite all odds.

There was no luck involved, no connections, no coincidence. Pure effort. He worked harder than everybody else and believed in himself more than a motivational coach.

I realized that people like him make sport special to me, since there is not too many areas in life, in which a person would be ready to sacrifice so much for one goal, who would be so eagerly improving and chasing excellence in their field of expertise. We’re not talking about 8, 10 or 12-hour work day. We’re talking about working basically 24/7, waking up at 5 am, doing exhausting training sessions, which is hard to recover from, keeping your body in top shape the whole time and subordinate the entire life to achieve his/her goal. Not for one year, but for 20-30 years of the best part of your young life.

Do you know an accountant who would get up before sunrise just to read about changes in accounting acts? Do you know a construction worker, who would tear the tiles off his bathroom wall, just to practice laying them back on? Do you know a manager, who would  start every day, reading books on management, to become… I don’t know world champion in managing?

I don’t, and if you do, than let me know. I want to meet them and ask them about their motivation.

Stories like this, of this short Canadian, who made his name in typical US sport, dominated by athletic giants, inspire me. They also make me think – whether I work on myself as much as he does, do I try my best while fulfilling my responsibilities of my everyday life? Do I have a shot of becoming MVP of my job, family or a household? And to do it twice in row?

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